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Happy Washington Wednesday all!

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@ carlycrisman : Editing a super fun video coming soon to my channel- can you guess what @kerrywashington && I filmed?! http://t.co/pR9Y6rRooc

When the third season of “Scandal” ends this Thursday night, ABC will be celebrating the finale with a special episode of the Jimmy Kimmel show titled “Behind the Scandalabra.” (Kimmel fans may already be familiar with his ongoing Spanish-language parody “Escandalo.”) But perhaps the most interesting “Scandal” supplement is an episode of SundanceTV’s “The Writers’ Room,” which airs this Friday. The episode features show creator Shonda Rhimes, star Kerry Washington and a handful of producers dishing on the salacious, highly successful series. Collectively they give the impression that this ratings giant comes together somewhat erratically. The show runners are asked to defend “Scandal’s” most outlandish moments, and do so by affecting a devil-may-care attitude toward plotting. Rhimes’ self-assuredness and authority in setting this tone for the show’s shocking developments is pretty awe-inspiring.

Behind the scenes of #Scandal: @shondarhimes & @kerrywashington open up about the hit show:

KW’s debut of her Neutrogena commercial premieres during the season finale of Scandal!
BTS Sneak Peak

Women’s Health 2012

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Olitz speaking spanish in Scandal 3x17

I need Kerry to teach me some Spanish!

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Don’t be cute.

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